Back To The Basics


I have always been career, and money driven from a young age. Unfortunately I chose to persue a dying industry – Journalism. I learnt alot, and loved every moment I have spent writing, however times are changing, and I have realised I need to change with it if i want to become successful.

An old school friend, Jack Burke reached out to me recently, and offered me and opportunity that I immediately saw lot of value in. I started training with Jack, and some of the other leaders in Newcastle area, and I was amazed with how positive, healthy and happy everybody was. The other thing that amazed me was the fact that none of these driven, successful people had any former training within this industry, everyone was around a similar age, there was one thing we all had in common – we saw the value.

I had the complete wrong attitude at first, I was so pumped up that I figured if I did my training, and went to meetings that things would fall into my lap. Luck has nothing to do with building a multi-million dollar empire.

I have recently met some of the legends within this company, such as; Dave Nelson, Kyle Stagoll, Marko Pavasovic, and Quoc Nguyen, and these people inspire me in a way that I can actually relate to. Some of the most important words I’ll ever hear “Failure yourself forward,” Dave Nelson.

So this week I have decided to go back to the basics, start my training all over again, and unlearn my bad habits. There is no shame in failing as long as you can learn from it, and be able to move forward from it.

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