The Importance of the Small Steps


I have spent this week going back to the basics, and I have noticed some changes in the way I am approaching my business. I focused this week on self-improvement, changing my attitude to that of a person that does not doubt herself, and simplifying my invites.

As a person who has been a hermit for majority of my adult life, it was a big transition for me to go from the solitary lifestyle of a writer to the very sociable laptop lifestyle. As fantastic as it was that I saw value in this movement, it is important that I find a way to make this work so it suits me. I don’t have a big network because of my chosen lifestyle, therefore I knew cold – calling would be great for me once I could get the courage to walk up to a stranger with confidence, and offer them an opportunity.

After weeks of beating around the bush, and avoiding it I finally took that step this week, and started cold – calling complete strangers. The first one I did I completely messed up because I got over excited and choked up, but I knew once I did it, and I had broken the ice it was no problem. I needed to push through the nerves and keep practicing my invites on real people. It was also such an adrenaline rush because even though it seemed like a small step, I knew that breaking the barrier of cold – calling was a massive step forward for my business.

That very first invite with the lady that serves me coffee felt like something shifted. It’s hard to explain but there was a realization – this will happen because I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone, and I can do this just by going back to the basics whenever I feel stuck.

The biggest thing was my attitude change, I knew the woman that serves me my morning coffee was not going to make or break my business, all I can do is offer this opportunity to the best of my ability, and hopefully others see the value, and want to escape the rat race.

This week I want to work really hard on perfecting my invites, cold – calling as many people as possible, and self-improvement.

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