Why We Love Online Marketing (And You Should, Too)


Online marketing is an interactive tool which can be used between marketers, and the public at large. The sole purpose of effective online marketing advertisements is to utilise a campaign strategy at the lowest possible cost and risk investment, in order to maximise sales potential and receive a high return on investment.

The targeting capabilities provided by online marketing tactics far surpass that of traditional marketing. Digital marketing tactics such as social media advertising and pay-per-click advertising allow marketers to target individuals based on very specific criteria including geographic location, age, gender, interests and so much more.

Online marketing in the form of social media enables companies to be in direct contact with their target audience – allowing them to establish, maintain and monitor relationships with both existing and prospective customers.

Digital tactics (tracking) provide very detailed information regarding the performance of a specific marketing effort – from sources and bounce rates to the total number of conversions.

Online marketing is a collaboration of elements that produce a successful web based advertising strategy or campaign. Identifying the tools needed and making the most of them requires an enormous amount of skill, practise and expert thinking minds. The work that is put in ultimately determines the level of success that will be achieved.

Why Is Online Marketing So Effective

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YOR Health Product Review


I discovered a product review online that I would like to share with everyone, as this is a product I feel passionately about.

I started taking YOR Health products about two months ago after catching up with an old school friend. After getting over glandula fever many years ago I ended up suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. This isn’t something I can ever get rid of, however I can keep the symptoms away from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The chronic fatigue took its toll on me, I was too tired to excercise, and put on alot of weight which made me depressed. After taking these products for the last few weeks I haven’t suffered any chronic fatigue symptoms, I am almost at my goal weight, I am exercising, and I feel stronger, and more fit than I have in years, I also have so much more energy!

So here is a product review from Jill Tomich – fitness and health coach.

How I Was Introduced to Yor Health Products

On a recent family trip, I was telling my brother how tired and sick I had been feeling.  Admittedly, I was trying to be Super Woman,  doing too many things at once, but that’s how I always operate.  I’m a Type-A personality through and through.  Although after I turned 30, my super-woman tendencies started taking a toll on me.  I was sick – like dragged down, bedridden sick for days at a time – at least 5 times that year.

I thought it was stress from moving into a new home, taking on too many responsibilities, and working too many hours.  But my brother asked a very odd question that made me turn my head like a curious puppy: “How’s your gut?”

“Whaaaaat?  My gut????”

That’s when my brother told me what his doctor told him about digestive health. The health of your gut determines the health of your whole body.  Your gut is your “second brain”.  It’s where 70% of your immune system lives.  If your gut isn’t healthy, you’re going to get sick, run down, tired.  If your gut isn’t healthy, if it’s clogged with bad bacteria you’re more apt to disease, weight gain and chronic fatigue. If your gut isn’t healthy, it doesn’t matter how natural, healthy or organic you eat, you’re not absorbing nutrients properly.”

“Whoa!!!  I just got schooled.”  I thought to myself.  “How do I NOT know about this?”

It’s quite simple actually, my primary care physician, my dermatologist, my gynecologist and the very people who I had been relying on for health information, had NEVER talked to me about nutrition and the direct link to wellness in the same sentence. EVER.

From the outside looking in I was a seemingly healthy person: a fitness boot camp instructor who didn’t eat fast food, always carried water in my purse and was a cheap date (I can only tolerate 1 or 2 alcoholic beverages at a time).  When I was sick, I was given an antibiotic.  When I struggled with “hormonal acne” I was given antibiotics (or Accutane).  When I had cramps, I was told to pop a few aspirin.   When my belly would get bloated to the size of a basketball, I was told to take antacids.

When my brother started spewing information about digestive health, pH balance, alkalinity, and probiotics my eyes got bigger and bigger.  He’s a school teacher, an active soccer player & outdoors man who has, on and off, suffered from allergies and digestive issues since he was a baby. My brother told me that when he began taking Yor Health supplements, it dramatically improved his digestion and immunity.

That is when my research of Yor Health products & digestive health began.

[These opinions are my own, based on my personal experience of the products and are for your information only.  Always consult your physician before using supplements.]

Jill Tomich Testimonial

There are eight main health products in the Yor Health product system.  The essence of the products is “You are what you absorb.”  There are various products for digestive health, weight management, muscle repair, meal replacement, energy and alkalizing. According to the Yor Health web site…..

YOR Health advantage rests in our founding philosophy that you are what you absorb. We start with the highest quality ingredients from the best domestic and global sources, and then carefully formulate our products utilizing enzyme delivery systems to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Jill Tomich’ Blog
Go Green Health Movement

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5 Myths About Network Marketing

5 Myths about Network Marketing


1. These Businesses Don’t Work
The industry is endorsed by financial experts, billionaires, forcecasters, business magazines etc. The business models are fair, as everyone gets an opportunity to expand, as opposed to a traditional business or franchise where only the owners create leverage.

2. The People At The Top Are The Only Ones Who Make Money
That’s illegal and not how network marketing businesses work. My network marketing business – YOR Health is an equal opportunity business based on effort. In good network marketing companies, members can make any amount regardless of where they are in the organization. Income is related to effort not position. 

3. It’s A Pyramid Scheme
Pyramid schemes are illegal. Network Marketing businesses sell a product and make money only on product sales, whereas pyramid schemes make money on recruiting. My network marketing company YOR Health is on the Direct Sales Association (requiring a 52 week audit of the company), and we have former FTC Councilor Robert Paul as our attorney ensuring we are safe.

4. Why Are The Products Not In Stores?
Some of the biggest companies in the world use this method of distribution, and stores are slow.

5. Network Marketing Doesn’t Work
According to the Direct Selling Association, in 2013 the direct sales industry grossed $31.63 billion in retail sales in the United States. Worldwide that number increases to $100 billion. The size of the direct selling sales force increased 5.7% to 16.8 million in 2013, a record high. The industry experienced a surge of new direct selling independent representatives at the height of the recession.

Direct Selling Association

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The Importance of the Small Steps


I have spent this week going back to the basics, and I have noticed some changes in the way I am approaching my business. I focused this week on self-improvement, changing my attitude to that of a person that does not doubt herself, and simplifying my invites.

As a person who has been a hermit for majority of my adult life, it was a big transition for me to go from the solitary lifestyle of a writer to the very sociable laptop lifestyle. As fantastic as it was that I saw value in this movement, it is important that I find a way to make this work so it suits me. I don’t have a big network because of my chosen lifestyle, therefore I knew cold – calling would be great for me once I could get the courage to walk up to a stranger with confidence, and offer them an opportunity.

After weeks of beating around the bush, and avoiding it I finally took that step this week, and started cold – calling complete strangers. The first one I did I completely messed up because I got over excited and choked up, but I knew once I did it, and I had broken the ice it was no problem. I needed to push through the nerves and keep practicing my invites on real people. It was also such an adrenaline rush because even though it seemed like a small step, I knew that breaking the barrier of cold – calling was a massive step forward for my business.

That very first invite with the lady that serves me coffee felt like something shifted. It’s hard to explain but there was a realization – this will happen because I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone, and I can do this just by going back to the basics whenever I feel stuck.

The biggest thing was my attitude change, I knew the woman that serves me my morning coffee was not going to make or break my business, all I can do is offer this opportunity to the best of my ability, and hopefully others see the value, and want to escape the rat race.

This week I want to work really hard on perfecting my invites, cold – calling as many people as possible, and self-improvement.

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